For over a year GMTU has had a working partnership with Manchester City FFS. Joint work has included outreach efforts on match days, the Tenants Union supporting the FSF's campaign for the right to food, and FFS supporting GMTU by paying low-income member's fees and supporting our expansion and branch-building.

We've now taken the relationship to the next level. After a vote of their members, Manchester City Fans Foodbanks Support have officially affiliated to the Greater Manchester Tenants Union, joining our original affiliate Greater Manchester Unite Community Branch. Affiliates have the right to send a representative to the Committee, and input into the overall strategy and direction for the Union.

At the time of rising cost of living, driven by record rent rises and inflation in the cost of basic goods, such as food; joint action and solidarity between our two organisations is more important than ever.

On the news, Alex Timperley, spokesperson for FFS said, "While our main work is foodbank collections, the point of what we do is to fight poverty in our community. Food is only one part of that, and other issues like housing are just as important. We're delighted to be working with GMTU now and in the future on these issues as we fight for fairness, equality and justice."

Vik Chechi-Ribeiro, Outreach and Membership Officer for GMTU added, “The struggles for affordable housing and against food poverty are interconnected. This is reflected in ever increasing rents and landlord profiteering. It's only through highlighting structural imbalances and collective action that we can fight for dignity in our communities.”

GMTU and FFS will continue to work together on these issues, offering mutual support to our memberships, and strengthening working class organisation in the city.

If you're part of a trade union or community organisation, and wish to arrange affiliation to the Tenants Union, then get in touch.