Greater Manchester Tenants Union has always fought to uphold the right to safe and secure housing for all.

Accordingly, we stand in solidarity with the citizens of Palestine who have endured the loss of their right to a safe home since 1948. We are horrified by the unfolding genocide of the Palestinian people. We mourn the loss of innocent Palestinian and Israeli life alike, and believe recent events to be a direct consequence of the lifetime of occupation that Palestine has suffered. Destruction on the scale we are seeing can never be justified and must be stopped immediately.

We absolutely condemn the lack of humanitarian and medical aid reaching those in Palestine. The actions of the United States and the United Kingdom in preventing a humanitarian ceasefire are entirely unjustifiable and unforgivable.

We call on all unions, activists and political groups across the country to continue the fight for the existence and freedom of the Palestinian people. Continue to fight against oppression, apartheid and genocide. As a union, we will encourage and support members to attend all demonstrations in support of Palestine.

We demand better from those we have entrusted to represent us in Westminster to uphold the basic human rights of this oppressed and devastated population. We call for an immediate ceasefire, the prevention of a ground invasion and an end to the occupation of Palestine; Israel cannot be allowed to be an exception to international law.