Greater Manchester Tenants Union is a democratic, member-led union,
working across the 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester. We organise and
represent our members in the private and social rented sector. We fight
for safe, secure and affordable housing for everyone. We are not
affiliated to any political party.

Our Registered Office is: Bridge 5 Mill, 22a Beswick St, Manchester M4 7HR

What We Do

The Greater Manchester Tenants Union is a member-led organisation of low and middle-income renters working and fighting together to win
concrete improvements in our everyday lives, and put political and
economic power in the hands of ordinary working people.

We hear daily of the impacts of a broken housing system on people’s
lives: skyrocketing rents, poor conditions, people having to move from their neighbourhood because of gentrification, precarity and abusive

We want to transform the housing system so that everyone has access
to an affordable, secure and decent home. We fight for a world run by
and for working people.

In towns and neighborhoods across Greater Manchester we are building
the union from scratch, by people working, taking action, fighting and
winning together. We stop evictions, win compensation for our members
for repairs, and campaign to push our local authorities and the
government to bring in tough regulations in the Private Rented Sector, and fight for an expansion of public housing.

Our Structure

The Greater Manchester Tenants Union rests on a network of branches,
usually in a particular neighbourhood, that allows people to take action
on local issues. These branches have an elected leadership, and are
accountable both to local members and to the union as a whole.

Ben Clay – Lead OrganiserAt the city-regional level, we are governed by the Committee, elected
each year at our AGM. The committee also comprises branch
representatives and delegates from our affiliates. The Committee is
legally responsible for the organisation, and sets the strategic and
political orientation of the union as a whole on a month by month basis.
Beneath the committee sit a number of working groups, including comms
and member solidarity, which are open to all members.

Every quarter we hold an All Member Meeting to allow the entire membership to feed into our strategy and political direction.

We have active branches across Greater Manchester, and are looking to
build more. Don’t have a Tenants Union branch in your neighbourhood?
Get in touch, and let’s build one.

How We Are Funded

As a union, we function through a dues model: our members support us
and this means that we are accountable to members and put members’
interests first. A membership-funding model gives the union political
independence, and ensures that we are democratic and member-led. Member
subscriptions keeps us working for you, our members. You can join here.

We have also received financial support from Trade Unions, who may
affiliate to the Greater Manchester Tenants Union. We value such support
highly, and if you want to ask your union to affiliate, contact us.

We also seek external funding to support our activities and enable the growth of the union.

So far we have received funding from:

  • Nationwide Foundation
  • The Good Law Project


These are the elected members of the Committee in 2020/21

Thirza Asanga-Rae – Chair

Ali Wilson – Secretary

Ekua Bayanu – Treasurer

Liam Smyth – Vice-Chair

Allison Fewtrell – Communication and Campaigns

Sarah Green – Membership and Recruitment

Marc Hatton – Membership and Recruitment

Kevin Coyne – Member Solidarity


We currently have a small staff team who work alongside elected leaders to support the unions’ growth:

Ben Clay – Lead Organiser

Beth Redmond – Organiser & Renters Manifesto Lead

Isaac Rose – Organiser