As tenants and working people, we know that often the law isn't always on our side. The law reflects dominant interests in our society. That means that many housing laws are written in the interests of landlords. We often feel alone and uninformed when faced with housing problems.

But when we stand together we are powerful. As members of the union we can take on landlords, housing providers and estate agents. We're not an advice service, charity or a law firm. Instead, we take action collectively, in solidarity with one another, writing letters and organising protests to demand our rights be respected.

Through collective action, we fight to get our members deposits back, fix urgent repairs and win compensation from negligent landlords.

If you simply need some advice, Shelter provide very good information on their website:

If you want to try to campaign collectively with GMTU to deal with your housing issue, or to improve the housing system, to make secure and decent homes everyone can afford a basic right, get in touch.

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